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In. Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip Hide Spoilers. I believe this was his first tour since catching himself on fire and it's rather obvious that Pryor's a bit nervous on stage and doesn't have that wonderful flow that shines through most of his work.

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The best moments include the talk about his trip to Africa and the various animals in the jungle. The final twenty minutes have Pryor talking about his accident, which has some laughs but they're rather uncomfortable laughs, although his final "message" comes across very nicely and touching. Was this review helpful?

Richard Pryor performs his stand-up comedy act on the Sunset Strip. This shows us the benefit of editing two performances together -- we get the best of two shows, making it better than seeing either one of them live.

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Pryor has a vulgar routine on sex, and how showbiz has the perk of more women, including one night with an unnamed Playboy Bunny. We hear how Africa has black people that are actually black suggesting that American black people are not completely black. We get a great story on how he worked in a Mafia night club in Youngstown, Ohio with stripper Satin Doll, and how "crime don't pay". Unfortunately, he again does not name names. Most striking of all, though, is his frank discussion of cocaine use. Not regretful, he tells it like it is or was. One of Richard Pryor's concert movies features him talking about a trip to Africa, employment in a Mafia club, and even his freebasing incident "The burn unit eliminates race.

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It's hard to deny that. His passing left some big shoes to fill, as did George Carlin's death and Robin Williams's suicide. It must've been quite an experience to get to see Pryor in concert. You're sure to love this performance. Respect indeed! Quinoa 16 June Richard Pryor proves his comedic genius here with another comedy film, this time live from the sunset strip. Here, he talks about women, african roots, and Pryor on fire which is his hilarious of when he lit himself on fire mixing crack-cocaine.

Funny stuff, but not as fully dandy as his special. Tries as hard as he can, and succeeds in winning the audience over. It also worked for me. Sort of.

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First of two Pryor comedy films from Columbia-Tristar. Having just watched Richard Pryor: Live in Concert yesterday, I was very much looking forward to this, his next concert film. Quite hilarious when talking about sex, his experiences with the mafia, white people looking for humans like them in black Africa, and how women seem so calm compared to men like him. There's also some poignant stories about his trip to Africa and his resolving to never use the N-word again for humorous purposes compared to some of his past work.

His talk about Jim Brown and Brown's attempting to rehabilitate him is perhaps the most touching of the stories but that doesn't mean it doesn't end on a good laugh especially when it concerns his member. But while I liked most of what he did, I have to admit I wasn't too crazy about his "Mudbone" routine even though it was a favorite of an audience member who requested it.

The brilliance of a true comic genius george. Lucky to be alive after his near-fatal freebasing burning Pryor even makes dying sound funny. A genius in every sense of the word. MovieAddict 5 November I saw this a few weeks back on Comcast's "On Demand. It's not a very good indication of Richard Pryor's comedy - I've heard much funnier stuff coming out of his mouth in the past. The whole project feels too "large budget" - from the grand opening to the camera work inside the place.

On the other hand, this is still very funny. Pryor's funny no matter what - as a result I've rated this a seven out of ten but I can't help but imagine it could have been much, much better.

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Worth checking out if you're a Pryor fan - otherwise, start out with some of his albums if you're not familiar with his comedy. In his second most successful concert movie, again we brace ourselves for what magical dynamic stuff that will spout out of the mouth of an undying and legendary comic, who was pure genius. He cuts the surface of truth with his jokes, which makes so funny. The height of laughs for me, was when he was talking about the mafia.

We've guaranteed ongoing laughs here, with new original material, where if your anti swearing, again take a rain check. Again 78 minutes passes by easy in another engrossing night of comedy, where our priceless Pryor tells those lengthy stories where that and vulgarity blend so well, where truths are told in funny and inventive scenarios, wonderfully written, where laughter just has us. No there never Beautiful housewives wants real sex Pryor been, or never will be, someone so sharp and cutting, or brilliant, like our Richard.

Another concert movie success, in the city of Angels. EmperorNortonII 4 July In his routine, he touches on all subjects, ranging from women to his trip to Africa, and even his scandalous past: the brothel run by his grandmother, his cocaine addiction, and the infamous incident in which he lit himself on fire. There are many laughs to be had in Pryor's delivery, and a few bittersweet moments as well, like Pryor's reminiscences about recovery and kicking his addiction. Even he can look back and have fun with his past. His comedic performance on the Sunset strip will be a wonderful document to remember him by in the future.

Pryor on the cusp and on the mend, halfway between the careening scatological genius of his 70s persona and the PG-rated grown man of the 80s. Yes PG Pryor generally sucks, but you know, setting yourself on fire can and should mellow anybody out. This movie is a stab at synthesis - he's still cultivating his mastery of the squirmy edge, but at the same time he's just turned his keen-eyed intelligence in on himself.

It's funny and it's also very, very moving. The story of being rescued from his talking freebase pipe by Jim Brown is another peak. And topping all is his seemingly spontaneous response to a shouted Mudbone request, applying that character's merciless storytelling bravado to the ballad of Richard Pryor. There are more dud bits than I'd like, but who cares? This is a fitting testament to a great artist and a good man. Pryor to this After seeing Richard Pryor Live some years ago, I was eagerly looking forward to this when it appeared on satellite TV a while back.

Boy was I disappointed. As soon as I saw that the whole thing had been filmed in soft-focus, and that it had quite obviously been edited with canned laughter like an episode of Happy Days, my shoulders slumped. I barely managed a smile during the whole sad affair, and thought to myself, 'What happened to the genius that I enjoyed in the other concert? I can also honestly say that I cannot remember any of the tedious observations that Mr Pryor offered up. This was probably made during his substance abusing days. It looked dead to me!

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SillyPuddy 6 July When I was a kid in the early eighties this show was built up so much. Beautiful housewives wants real sex Pryor vividly remember my teenage cousin throwing a temper tantrum when my aunt and uncle did not let him see this. I have always enjoyed Pryor's work so when I noticed this streaming on Netflix, I made sure to block off some time for it. As the show opened, Pryor made quite an entrance and looked like a guy on top of the world; as confident as ever.

I kept waiting for him to say something funny but it really never happened. Just a bunch of crude humor that quite frankly is beneath him. I realize he isn't Cosby but if you are going to be dirty then at least be funny.

This was just a waste of 40 minutes; yeah that is how long I lasted before giving up on this garbage. How do you top your own legend? A bit of background for the uninitiated: Pryor, already a huge success via his earthy 's comedy albums, made film history with "Richard Pryor Live in Concert.

Unfortunately, Pryor was a volatile man with a severe drug habit. About a year after the concert film was released, Pryor was freebasing and caught himself on fire. He later acknowledged it as a suicide attempt. Therapy and cosmetic surgery helped to restore him, but it left him with a quandary: How does a comic whose act was based on fear and hostility acknowledge the love and support of his audience? Unlike its ground-breaking predecessor, the '82 film takes a while to get going. The credits, as simple as they are Pryor produced the film and wrote the materialseem to last forever.

And there's more longeur when Pryor makes his way to the stage via the audience, who can't stop their standing ovation and glad-handing of him. When he does finally reach the spotlight, Pryor appears a bit unsettled at first. The '79 film showed Pryor prowling the stage, his shirt visibly drenched in perspiration.

In "Sunset Strip," he's dressed nattily in a flaming red suit -- ostensibly intended as a visual pun on his fire incident, but so spiffy that even he acknowledges that it ill-suits him. He initially throws out random observations, hoping something will stick. He finally hits his stride in a riff about male-female relationships, both casual his encounter with a Playboy Bunny who gets turned on when Pryor does kiddie voices and emotional he tearfully calls up a recently estranged girlfriend who coolly advises him, "Don't do this to yourself".

He also hits pay dirt with his of filming the comedy "Stir Crazy" at the Arizona State Penitentiary; at first he is moved by the plight of his black "brothers" until he is apprised of their graphic crimes, at which point he declares, "Thank God After this, he begins to soften, as he realizes that his homeland visit has caused him to forever negate his use of the notorious N-word. He follows this with what he claims is "the final appearance" of his street character Mudbone Pryor lied; he revived the character in his third concert filmwho chides his creator Pryor for his fire incident.

Critic Pauline Kael was put off by these passages, saying in essence that Pryor was kissing up to his audience with these observations. She might have been on to something, but considering that this comic narrowly escaped death and found some lacerating revelations on the other side, perhaps he was entitled to a little self-indulgence.

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All of this, naturally, le to the movie's showpiece: Pryor's of his immolation. His gift for bringing inanimate objects to life gets downright eerie when he does the voice of his reassuring freebase pipe, which he came to regard as his only true friend.

When I saw this movie upon its initial release, I sat open-mouthed at this routine, unable to laugh -- but not because it was poorly done. On the contrary, it was so forthright and honest that it went beyond comedy, to a point where you could imagine Pryor observing his self-destructive behavior from outside of himself. But in"Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip" inspired well-earned laughter as well as gratitude that a rich talent such as Pryor was still with us.

The movie still stands as a remarkable comedic document -- not quite as great as its '79 predecessor, but still head and shoulders above most of the brain-dead comedy from then and now. I have no idea what is wrong with the authors of the negative comments about this film, but clearly they have no sense of humor because this is one of the funniest stand up routines ever - period. Richard Pryor has terrific material, perfect delivery and great comic timing - he is a comic genius. His self deprecating style is simply perfect and extraordinarily funny. I have seen Beautiful housewives wants real sex Pryor show several times on cable and I laugh often and out loud throughout every time.

The opening 20 minutes have some of the funniest stuff I have ever heard particularly the bits about his relationships. And his description of Jim Brown trying to save him from crack addiction and the stories of his subsequent hospitilization for burn treatment are hilarious. Highly recommended. Candid and funny! Explored his addiction, fire accident and trip to Africa. The Fifth Doctor 27 February In my opinion, Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip, is the funniest and best example of the genius at work. It is doubly interesting when you consider that it was made not long after Pryor's "Burn Up" accident, to use his way of speaking.

Despite this, Pryor hasn't at this point lost any of the inventiveness and imagination wich made him one of the most original, freshest and warm comedians, and perhaps, when in top gear, the best comedian in the world. The audience really responds to him here, hanging on his every word and wanting him to do well. They are with him all the way, as you will be too when you watch it.

Pryor opens up the monologues and hysterical stories at machine gun pace, and belly laughs are gauranted. Pryor doesn't dodge anything, retelling side acing tales of his run ins with the mafia, the making of Stir Crazy, his discovery of Masturbation, and most interestingly and humorous his exploding incident : "Of all the brothers who have free based how many do you know who have blew up?

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