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Daily hours my vary as long as we meet our 65 hour quota. The Closed device is a Hydro-San closed-system. A schedule of classes with clinical training are listed at the end of this Catalog. However, potential students should feel free to contact Donna DeCarolis,to inquire about additional training opportunities.

This must be completed prior to entering into training. This recommendation can be waived if the student has contraindications to receiving colonics. This must be completed prior to certification; however, it is strongly recommended this be accomplished before entering training. Cengage registration fees. This fee Colon hydrotherapy phoenix non-refundable. Prior to entering in-person training, it is recommended that each student should have completed the following:.

Cengage Microbiology Module W03 25 hours. Cengage Intestinal Toxemia — Function vs. Dysfunction Module W04 14 hours. Cengage Drug Interactions Module W06 10 hours. Listed below is a Course Outline for the Online Cengage Training, as well as the in house 65 hour training that gives an in-depth look at units taught, objectives graded, and hours for each unit and objective are available on request.

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Since people are unique, we know our students arrive at varying levels of experience. A daily quiz and a comprehensive test at the end of the course will be given from I-ACT which demands high standards for passing. Therefore, it is imperative that students dress professionally and conservatively.

If attendance is during the summer, it is recommended that students bring a light sweater as inside temperatures differ greatly from the summer heat in Las Vegas. The student will be asked to leave if dress is inappropriate. Please note, program includes cleaning of the facility; so choose attire carefully as we will be using bleach along with other chemicals.

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In accordance with the curriculum on Natural Foods, whole grain baked goods, seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables will be served daily for breakfast and snacks. The provided lunch will be a variety of vegetarian soups, sal, and healthy dishes — come taste how delicious learning can be! Note—there is a refrigerator, hot plate and crock pot available for students with special dietary needs.

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At the end of each unit, a written quiz is given. However, it is vital that each student relay understanding in the care of each client in which the instructor will be orally quizzing the student as well as observing implementation of principles into practice.

Students are given letter-grades on quizzes which are reviewed in class then averaged. Each client evaluates the student through a series of questions which are then weighed as satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

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No personal checks. Thank you! Please note, if a slower paced schedule or adjusted dates are needed, let us work with you to meet your needs! Students can register up to the day before class if all pre-requisites are satisfied and space in the class is available. Training begins on Tuesday at am.

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Departure should be planned any time after pm on the 11th day Friday of the second week. Transportation will be provided to and from class if accommodations are made at:. This is the closest facility to our location. If you stay somewhere else, please arrange your own transportation. Prerequisites for Entry into the 65 Hour In-Person Training Prior to entering in-person training, it is recommended that each student should have completed the following: 1 All required prerequisites for entering the Professional Colon Hydrotherapy Training Course.

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