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For almost two decades my New Years resolutions—sometimes public, often secret—have involved changing my body.

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Drink more water. Lose two pounds a week. Do sit-ups every morning. Buy a bikini this year. Some resolutions I stuck with, and others I failed.

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Either way, most made me feel worse about myself. At age 11, I felt fat at pounds. In college, I felt fat at pounds.

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And this January, I still feel fat at deep breath pounds. I want to fit into my jeans from three years ago. When a man gives up his seat for me on the subway, I want it to be because he thinks I look hot, not because he thinks I look pregnant true story.

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But as much as I want all those things, I want to love myself and my body more. Because, obviously, none of those old resolutions worked. These books are ones I think will help me and hopefully might be of interest to you, no matter what size you are. And, you know what, I went ahead and ordered that bikini this year: in my current size. I understand why. But I think people of all gender identities would benefit from body positive messages and lessons in self love.

This book is a manifesto to prioritize mental health and body acceptance over dieting and weight loss. It combines personal essays with real research to combat the pervasive fat prejudice that permeates our culture from the media to the medical community. Jessamyn Stanley is a stereotype-breaking yoga instructor and Instagram star. She has a commitment to body positive yoga and an inspirational ability to share her own fears, insecurities, and struggles.

With beautiful, full color photographs, this book outlines fifty yoga poses useful for beginners and experienced yoga practitioners as well. Lindy West is fat. And she wants to reclaim that word. And reading a book by a person with this attitude was absolutely mesmerizing to me. And, I promise, this book is both wildly funny and deeply emotional. Body positivity equals sex positivity. Feeling guilty about your body and feeling guilty about your sexuality are often tied to each other. Because in both situations, we are often comparing ourselves and our sex lives to other people particularly with unrealistic and often unachievable portrayals in media.

For a more self loving in every sense of the wordthis book is a must read. Hunger is a beautiful memoir by, in my opinion, the greatest nonfiction writer of our time. In a genre that loves the dichotomy of before and after, I loved that this book portrayed the honest spectrum of feelings, shapes, and sizes that exist in most peoples ongoing middle.

Rosie Molinary wants women to feel beautiful regardless of their age, skin color, size, or the million other things media teach us to scrutinize about ourselves. Each day brings a new opportunity to journal, draw, or improve the mind-body connection. Instead of cliched meditations and affirmations, this book gives readers tasks that are achievable and empowering.

But there is also so much more. They can also be used to empower women to embrace the truest and freest form of their psyche and psychology. Powerful stuff.

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I think if I saw more women of all sizes portrayed as beautiful, I would have grown up more accepting of my body. Simply the act of looking at non-perfect bodies i. It contains 54 full body portraits of women ages 19 to They are all different ages, ethnicities, sizes, and shapes. All they have in common is that none are professional models and all were willing participants in the project.

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