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FL Studio is very popular with electronic music creators, but it can be used to record guitar, vocals, and other instruments. If you follow the steps in this guide, you will be able to record acoustic or electric guitar into FL Studio. After you read this guide, check out this Ultimate Guide to Recording Guitar at Home for an in-depth look at recording and other DAWs you may want to consider using.

This tutorial explains how to record guitar in FL Fl studio hook up mic If you are using an earlier version, you should still be able to follow the steps. You have two ways to record a guitar in FL Studio You can use an audio interface or a microphone. One of the most popular audio interfaces I recommend if you want to record acoustic or electric guitar or vocals and other instruments is the Focusrite Scarlett range link to Amazon for details and different options.

An audio interface like the Focusrite Scarlett is the ideal option if you want to record an acoustic guitar using a microphone. Alternatively, if you want to record your guitar or guitar amp with a microphone, you can buy a USB microphone like this one. A USB microphone like this gives you a simple way to record vocals or acoustic guitar. For most people, I highly recommend using an audio interface as it gives you far more flexibility. You can plug any microphone or multiple microphones into an audio interface.

Once you have connected your audio interface or USB microphone to your computer, you can open FL Studio and move on to the next step. Click the drop-down menu for Device and you will see a list of possible audio devices:.

The best choice is when an audio driver appears that matches the audio interface you have plugged into your computer. That option should give you the best. Select your audio interface in the Input section and choose whether you want the audio to playback through your audio interface or computer speakers. This driver should work for most devices. ASIO4ALL is a free audio driver that gives you far greater control over your interface compared to some standard audio drivers.

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This is a handy shortcut you can use at any time to access the settings for your audio interface. You can see which audio devices are enabled in this view, but I recommend clicking the spanner icon on the far right to access the advanced options view:.

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This means I can record with my iRig and listen to the playback through my normal computer speakers. You can route your als in any way you want. Once you have selected an audio driver in FL Studio, the last thing to check is the buffer settings and sample rate. The buffer length will control how much latency delay you hear during recording. The larger the buffer, the higher the latency. Trying to record guitar with high latency is awkward, so your goal is to have the lowest latency possible. You control the latency by adjusting the buffer length. If the buffer is too low, you may hear glitches, so aim to set your buffer as low as possible without causing problems.

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The sample rate is also important to set right. You can see the above screenshot shows a sample rate of Hz Most audio interfaces and USB microphones are compatible with either Newer audio interfaces may support higher sample rates such as 96kHz. Open the playlist window by pressing F5 on your keyboard or press the button as shown below:. This view will be useful when you start recording as you will be able to see the recordings appear on each track.

Tip: I recommend toggling on and off each of these buttons to learn what they do. You can also hover over anything in FL Studio and see a tip on what it does and what the keyboard shortcut is for it under the main menu:. Tip: you can resize and move any of these windows around as you like. Everybody seems to set FL Studio up in different ways, so play around and find a layout that works for you. On the far right or left depending on your layout of the mixer, you will see a dropdown box where you can select the input channel:. You may need to play around before you get used to how the input channels for your audio interface are displayed in FL Studio.

As soon as you select the input channel from the step, you should be able to hear your guitar through FL Studio. If your audio interface level is turned up too high, you may hear clipping unwanted distortion in your recordings. Your audio interface may also have an indicator to let you know if the al is too hot too loud. It will turn red after you click it and a window will pop up asking what you will like to record:.

Once you choose this option, you will hear FL Studio give you a four-count before it starts recording. Once the countdown has finished, you will see the audio recording start to appear on the playlist as shown below:. FL Studio was deed for electronic music creators in mind. If you create electronic music and want to add real guitar recordings to your music, you may find FL Studio works well for you. Once you get past the basics in FL Studio, read this guide on guitar plugins to get started with amp and pedal plugins.

The above advice only gets you started recording guitar in FL Studio. You can control a lot of Fl studio hook up mic Studio using your keyboard and mouse. But memorizing the shortcuts and commands does take some time the on-screen tool tips help. The basic idea with these controllers is that instead of only using your keyboard and mouse, you can also use buttons, knobs, sliders, p, keys, and wheels to change settings, tweak your effects, record virtual instrument parts, and more. The above controllers give you an idea of the wide range of controllers out there.

The right type of controller for you depends on how you want to use your DAW. You can set up the knobs on a controller to control a plugin settings eg: amp or effects parameterstap out rhythm parts for a virtual drum kit, or start recording from the other side of the room using a wireless controller. FL Studio is a joy to use with a controller, so I highly recommend getting one to get a better recording, editing, and mixing experience.

Learn everything you would want to know about DAW Controllers including some popular options in this guide. Third-party plugins allow you to extend FL Studio in so many different ways. Find out how to install plugins in FL Studio in this tutorial. Check out some popular Guitar Plugins in this detailed guide.

The next type of plugins I suggest trying out are virtual instrument plugins that allow you to create realistic-sounding instruments for your recordings or backing tracks. You could use a drum plugin to create drum tracks, a piano plugin for piano parts, or even a plugin that gives you an entire orchestra at your fingertips. A good Fl studio hook up mic to get started with virtual instrument plugins is with drum plugins. Learn how easy it is to create drum tracks for your recordings in this tutorial.

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FL Studio is a fantastic DAW for creating virtual instrument parts, so I recommend starting out by learning how to program some drum tracks covered in the above tutorial. While nothing may beat a real drummer in a professional recording studio, drum plugins can get you surprisingly close. Check out some free and paid drum plugins in this guide.

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Once you learn how to create drum tracks using plugins, you can get some plugins for any other instrument you want. The range of realistic-sounding virtual instrument plugins available today is incredible and worth looking into. Here is a step-by-step video tutorial on how to record guitar in FL Studio that walks you through the steps covered in this guide. The video also shows how to add effects to your recordings using plugins along with some other handy tips. While you can definitely use FL Studio to record guitar, you may find you prefer other options that are better suited for audio.

You can record any instrument you like in FL Studio if you have a suitable audio interface or microphone. FL Studio can also record multiple instruments at once as long as you have a suitable audio interface. Table of Contents show. Related Guides and Lessons:. Ultimate Guide to Impulse Responses for Guitarists.

Fl studio hook up mic

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How to Record Guitar in FL Studio: Step-by-Step Tutorial