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Internet Archive's 25th Anniversary Logo. Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass. User icon An illustration of a person's head and chest. up Log in. Web icon An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine Texts icon An illustration of an open book. Books Video icon An illustration of two cells of a film strip. Video Audio icon An illustration of an audio speaker.

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Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. Full text of " Compute! New York, m program. Why be stuck with the PET's cumbersome 25 x 40 point display.

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With Graphics Pac you can directly control set and clear points on screen. It's great for graphing, plotting, and gaming. Graphics Pac allows you to plot in any combination of two modes: 4 Quadrant graphing with 0,0 center screen, and Standard graphing with 0,0 plotted in the upper left hand corner. Complete docu- mentation shows how you can merge this useful routine with any of your own programs with- out retyping either one!

Now vou can take full advantage of the computing abilities of your PET. List and edit too with this powerful assembler. Bike is dangerously addictive.

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Once you start a game you will not want to stop. To allow you to take short rest breaks. Bike lets you store the data from your game on a tape so you can continue where you left off next time you wish to play. Bumpers, chutes, flippers, free balls, gates, a jackpot, aPd Tlittle luck guarantee a great game for all.

This program really puts the PET'S graphics to work. Shift Down! Watch your gas. Driving Ace simulates an fast but packed Grand Prix track. Subicription Information: We're trying something we think is new in subscription options, a "third" level of domestic distribution. Our newstand price is S2. That price is based on a six-issue year — in January we become bi-monthly. Our third level is called a "retail" subscription. At the time you subscribe, you deate a local retail store where you'd like to pick up your copy each issue.

We'll include your copy with the dealer order and you can pick it up as soon as it arrives. No extra charges If you move, let us know where, and we'll send you a list of participating dealers in your new location. You get a first hand reference to computing resources in your new- location, and your retail subscription follows you.

If you visit a neighborhood store periodically try the retail subscription.

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It saves us both time and money. If you prefer the direct to your mailbox service ot a "mail- order" subscription, our rates are reasonable. Happy Computing. Authors of manuscripts warrant chat all materials submitted to COMPUTE, ate original materials with full ownership rights resident in said authors.

Unsolicited manuscripts not accepted for publication by COMPUTE, will be returned if author provides a self-addressed, stamped en- velope. Articles should be furnished as typed copy with double spacing. Each of your article should bear the title of the article, date and name of the author.

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Post Office BoxGreensboro, N. Materials advertising art work, hardware, etc. All rights re. Domestic U. Pricing: Retail Subscriptions are available only in the U. In Canada add S. Newstand Mail Retail S2. Other areas: inquire for air mail rates. Robert C. Belindii Church Hulon, Editorial Assistant. Apple is a trademark of Apple Computer Company. Atari is a trademark of Atari, Inc.

Belinda Hulon, 7. Commodore Business Machines Connecticut Microcomputer Programma International Microcomputers for Nuclear Instrumentation, J. Byrd, Microcomputers in Education Pierre Barrette, Teachers, Computers and The Classroom, C. Carr and Everett Carr, Dave Schult:, 97 Bob Crowell, Larry Isaacs, David Malmbcrg, Brett Butler, Len Lindsay, With The Commodore Chuck Stuart, Hayes Micro Modem, Challenger I P,pagf DR Connctiicui Mtcrocomputer 15, Daley Shaw, P.

It'll tell you more about where the magazine began, arid provide some context for the Resource Sections, the "Gazettes," the Review Form, and so on. The PET Gazette built its name by serving as a re- source journal. We expect to continue that tradition, not only in relation to Len's activity as Senior Contri- buting Editor for Commodore products, but other edi- torial activity with the additional products being added to the magazine. We won't review a product from a press release.

We cannot always guarantee that it exists in quantity e. John Victor re- views from experience. He has his hands on one of the very few that Atari has released Housewives wants real sex Hughson California 95326 their suppliersbut that's the nature of the business these days. If we're re- viewing a prototype, we'll try to tell you. We'll reiterate Len's trusted warning: Never buy a product unless you're sure it exists.

We try to screen our advertising, but that's not even a sure bet, so trust the reviews you see here, and article reviews you see else- where. World Power has given the industry some new problems, and we need to develop ways to protect our- selves in the future. One last comment on "prototype" reviews. The lead time in the publishing industry is tremendous .

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We'll make it clear in the re- view that the product is a prototype and may suffer as such from developmental bugs and hasty documenta- tion. Nonetheless we think it will service both readers and "emerging" companies. I'll be interested in comments on such a practice from manufacturers and readers. For additional infor- mation on our review policies and practices, see the facing.

Small System Services, Inc. We're offering this information up front because we see no point in trying to avoid the fact that we're a multi- faceted company. These are intended to be service articles. We treat the magazine as a totally separate operation of our company.

It will be as objective and fair as it has always been. COMPUTE is not a non-profit magazine at least it's not intended to bebut we fully intend to maintain the access to resources and informative approach of the original non-profit PET Gazette, As you can see from the Table of Contents, Housewives wants real sex Hughson California 95326 organized the magazine into four major "Modules. If you're writing an article for this section, it needs to apply to more than one machine, or be gener- alizable to other machines.

Business and Industrial: This section of the mag- azine is devoted to business and industrial appli- cations of based machines. The articles will be of general interest to both learners and "doers. Education: This section is intended as a resource guide to teachers actively involved in the use of microcomputers, and equally to teachers consid- ering involvement.

The Gazettes: For your own ". In the Gazettes, you'll find material of specific interest; articles, reviews, new products and resources. The Atari Gazette is off to a good start, and we expect Apple to catch up by the next issue. We'll look forward to your comments, reviews and art- icles.

In January, we'll begin a column called the GAP, where we'll "discuss" problems, products, etc. Wc want the GAP to promote a dialogue between manufacturers and consumers. Nothing makes it to the marketplace that's all good or all bad. The GAP will attempt to in- vestigate these "margins. We're sure, by then, Atari and Apple will be included as well. Enjoy this issue. Send us your comments, sugges- tions and complaints. We'll see you in January. If you have a problem, question, com- plaint, etc.

Housewives wants real sex Hughson California 95326

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