How to flirt with a guy over text message

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These flirty and irresistible texts will make him totally think about you all day and all night long. You want to keep it fresh and fun but sometimes even the best of us can run out of steam. You will find text messages to send him that are witty, charming, sassy, sexy, funny and sweet. Let them spark a flirty conversation but try not to to take it too seriously. The best relationships are the ones that you build by spending time together as a couple in real life.

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Melt his heart with these witty, charming and irresistible text messages for him. Guys like flirty texts that set the tone of the conversation for playful banter. Think of flirting like a tennis match. There needs to be a back and forth between two players in order to play. So your text to him should be both playful, as well as, something that he can easily to respond back to.

If you feel nervous, no worries. Getting a little flirtatious via text can also be a great way to get to know a guy as you perfect your flirting technique for real life. Sometimes you gotta get a little sassy, am I right? Word of warning, when you message him these flirty and sassy things to say to a guy. And maybe even both!

So these ones are best saved to send to your boyfriend or a guy that you are in a serious relationship with. Make him smile by sending him one of these delightfully, fun and playful funny text messages. The best flirty messages will spark his interest and set the tone for a playful conversation.

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Keep in mind that crafting the perfect flirty text message can be a slippery slope. There can be a bit of innuendo, but we generally recommend to keep it more on the flirty but innocent side rather than then naughty. That is unless the message is to your long term boyfriend. In which case you can get more sexy or spicy. But if you do decided that you totally want to take it there with someone new, well then no judgement here.

These are also perfect for any long term relationship or marriage. Sometimes getting his is easy. So if you need some inspiration then try sending him one of these texts below to get the ball rolling. Wondering what to text a guy to make him smile? These flirty messages and irresistible texts to send him are also, cute, funny and witty. Striking up a flirtatious game of Would You Rather Questions is also another fun way to get a good conversation flowing with a guy.

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Sending clever texts to a guy you like should be a piece of cake with our list of suggestions. And where you are in your relationship.

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Want to attract great guy? Photo Credits — Unsplash. First dates have their pros and cons. But one thing is for sure, dating someone you barely know can be. Do you ever feel like meeting an emotionally mature available man is pretty much impossible? Are you struggling to get over your ex?

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How to flirt with a guy over text message

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How to Flirt With a Guy via Text Message and Social Media