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Please use a unique password as a spammer could hack your if you have a common password. It has happened 5 times this year and in every situation the spammer was able to guess the members password. GMA grading. Curious what your thoughts are on this company. I want to grade my cards. They are the cheapest to get graded. I personally like them and the grade label a lot more over PSA. I own graded cards from each company. But I'm interested in knowing more info about GMA or any of your experiences with this company.

So it worries me more about damage. Some dudes basement "company"? I knew this one guy who bought a used car once and 10 years Https floridaresidentdb com Did you eat the whole bowl of stupid this morning?? Originally Posted by ThoseBacks. Definitely peaked my interest. Find More Posts by rcspur. If it helps you, I would never buy anything graded by GMA and keep it encased. I view it as raw. I'm sure resale value is poor. Originally Posted by attkiss.

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Originally Posted by Pilcrow. I have a cheap Trout refractor graded a GMA Accurately graded imo. These are modern cards after all, which are easier to grade than vintage. Originally Posted by Neal. Last edited by Art Vandelay; at PM. It's worthless as a grading company. There's no need to alter a card before sending it into them, because it's going to get a 10 regardless.

Originally Posted by NickM. Originally Posted by Art Vandelay. I'm sure it is.

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Google the address, it is literally someone's house I already looked. He may have a very good eye and the tools needed. I really don't know, probably not, but at a show, perhaps. I think there are some people out there that just like the idea of "slabbing for cheap protection" and GMA and BCCG would be good candidates. My answer is that on any given Sunday, all 4 of the mentioned grades could be swapped around, as there is a game for bumps.

He lives 9 miles from me. Originally Posted by Bob Loblaw. If these cards were receiving any decent premiums, I would.

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I figured I'd add some of my graded cards so you can see the difference. I thought I had a PSA grade. I know I've seen that ugly red label in person before lol. They also don't cover the card in a plastic sleeve like BGS. Does PSA cards move around in the slab at all? Are there any examples of why GMA isn't good? Has anyone sent a card in that was obviously not a "10" and gotten it back as a gem?

Just because this is in a guy's home doesn't mean he's not good at what he does. It just means that it won't carry a premium on the secondary market since he doesn't have the reputation built yet.

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In the case of PSA or BGS giving it a lower grade then I would say that doing so would be in their best interest and shouldn't count for anything. Edit: There seems to be some confusion about the naming your own grade issue. They do custom encapsulation for you IF you want to start your own grading service.

It will not, or shouldn't, have a GMA logo on the label if this is the case. It will have the name of your own grading service that you create. The website is pretty clear on how this works. Last edited by 4SeamCollect; at AM.

Real lucky. Chipping all along the top back edge. If you like nice cases, there are nice cases out there.

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Also, don't fall in the trap of asking for opinions yet heavily favoring a side in the debate, esp. Photobucket, Sportlots, etc. All times are GMT The time now is PM. - Today's Posts - www. User Name. Remember Me? Blowout Cards Shop. Forum Rules. Mark Forums Read. Please no thre about race, religion, politics, or sexual orientation. Please no self promotion, up, or fundraising thre. Thread Tools.

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