Looking for a fit workout buddy

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You roll over groggily and hit snooze. Who cares if I skip? You vow to go tomorrow, then snuggle under the covers. Not flaking now, huh? Sweating with a fit friend IRL is awesome, but there are other ways to embrace fitness-ships. Win-win, win-win. Have a friend you would work out with all the time, if only you lived in the same zip code?

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And that long-distance partnership where you stay able through texting, via FaceTime during workouts, or by logging on to the same streaming class can be just as effective as an in-person meet-up. How you construct that — a daily text with a friend who lives states away, a post to a Facebook ability group, or even sharing your Apple Watch activity with your sister — is your choice. : 'We became workout buddies and lost 25 kilos'.

Download Zwift to turn your solo sessions into an interactive game that lets you participate in real-time group runs and rides with people around the world by way of an avatar. Who says your workout buddy has to be human? Four-legged friends make excellent companions.

People who regularly walk their dogs are more likely to be in better shape than those who stroll with other people, according to research. Plus, the guilt from puppy-dog eyes may be greater than the guilt of turning down a friend. In a study at Purdue University, those who received an about the importance of walking their dog boosted their active time with pooches from 10 minutes to Puppy love is a very powerful motivator, people!

: 7 ways to find the motivation to exercise when the struggle is real. No pooch? Swapping TV time for playtime with your cat or other pet and their toys can bump up your activity levels too. A rush of hormones is likely to make you and your colleagues feel happy and more comfortable around each other — obviously good vibes to bring back to the office, says Dr Jack Raglin, a professor of kinesiology at Indiana University Bloomington. Try turning a brainstorming session with a Looking for a fit workout buddy into a minute walk.

Level up by reserving a fitness class. Go for ones that promote communication — like a teamwork-focused boot camp or a boxing class where you practice combinations together — for the biggest bonding benefit. : This trick could help you and your weight-loss buddy lose weight.

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Tackling a physical challenge with your S. In fact, couples who work out together report more frequent sex in surveys. Bedroom benefits aside, working out in front of your partner — and leaning on them for motivation when you need it — is a smart way to practice vulnerability. One way to make sure you and your partner are a fitness dream team?

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Researchers believe the social experience you get in a team setting is a factor in the mental health benefits. CrossFit, November Project, and organised running groups plan the workout for you, making it even easier to just show up. Image credit: iStock.

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Looking for a fit workout buddy

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