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Official Blogger Attentionista! As we get older we can see a decrease in blood circulation as the walls of the blood vessels loose elasticity. The fat layer under the skin can decrease, leaving us feeling colder. There is a story behind those eyes; untold tales of the Epic And this photograph is merely a footnote, lost amid alost within a chapter, that is lost between the worn covers.

A woman never likes disclosing her age but these wrinkles betray her. The fingers, in this shot, have rings though the hands are full of wrinkles shows woman's eternal love for ornaments. Each wrinkle has a lesson hidden and each is a milestone of life!

All images are exclusive property and may not be copied, downloaded, reproduced, transmitted, manipulated or used in any way without written permission of the photographer! Let me just tell yall Jack Spoon is bringing the more mature baes out and I am loving it!!!

It is so hard to find a mature woman's shape atleast for me it was. She just released this baby a couple days ago!! Check it out on her marketplace! The link is down Mature sexi women so keep scrolling you don't to miss this one I almost forgot to mention when you purchase this shape you get a exclusive blush just as a extra! That's a win win. For more details check my blog MR. Here I am hugging and laying on my doll again. My top is sheer chiffon, with silver decorations. The bed is covered in black lace. He's such a good boy. Well maybe he is a girl, after all, how do I know?

I just call him He's still a kitten. I think the next photos are sexy and cute I will go over the points that make it. This dress is 20 years old, Mature sexi women worn by models in my seminars. It's street length, although I'm bending over, this throws my face out of whack. It is not this long. A married mistress is angel in white, and prostitute in black to fulfull all fantasy of her man.

This is so funny, that I wear this to church and it's so sexy. I didn't wear the gloves. Anyway, any questions? Now how could a man teach this to women?

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He thanked me for my instructions. I wish i could shoot this better. I used automatic focus and it needs to have the digital white thingee defeated. This top is silver thre and shines I will wear this to church Even the sleeves have slits These slits are ez access.

We women want glamour Nude color and extremely sheer pantyhose. Red and gold finger nails. Taken in the studio, I had a better day so decided to do a series of portraits, and trying a different lighting. This is a plea. Please, to all those who think we all have to look like magazine models and dolls, please, stop 'plastifying' everybody beyond recognition?

We are what life made us, our skin has texture, it is getting so absurd that even babies and children are getting 'air-brushed' I'm curious for your opinion, I know I am of the old school, but look at Annie Leibovitz and other Masters For more: www. Please do not use any of my images on websites, blogs or any other media without my explicit permission. I came up on my porch and rested on my iron metal bench. My new camera amazes me. This is open air I painted the floor to match the bricks and the ceiling Mature sexi women.

Oh you want to know about the dress. Now you can see the embroidery of this 35 year old skirt. I can't wear the matching blouse. I'm too big for it now. My spanish shrug,is tied in a pussy cat bow.

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Home from church on Sunday. This top is lined lace. The skirt is tight to the body but the panels flow outward. I'm holding it out so you can see it.

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FlashWaves receiver on FL bounced off ceiling as fill. Paul C. Nikon D with Eye-Fi tethered iPad to check lighting, to monitor histogram and to entertain models and assistants. The lap My makeup is subdued. The layers are silk and then chiffon in different ruffles or layers I figured this would be hard fo photograph It was a big hit. I put this green velvet over stool.

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My shoes are vinyl slide, mules and open toes. This dress is summer, or fall I am loaded with diamonds. Barefoot and fun I get this way after I shoot, see prior pics where I have this beautiful skirt, paired with a white blouse This is a bra inside a cami, lingerie that is wonderful. I don't wear it alone but under a low cut or a vee cut top. Where my cleavage and breasts show There is a solid slip attached to the under layer Older photo, in my files I stood up in two fishnets, with 2 colors I put this great tinsel in my hair and on my shoulders.

I have on my red crinoline My bra is my favorite French camisole bra, it shows in some outfits and for cheesecake, it looks good with no top. The blue is a nightgown that is pulled up. They like real genuine. Nature made me female. Maybe my girlfriend and best glamour photographer in the world can figure it I am not a cd, ts, crossdresser, or a tranny etc. I am all natural born woman, with kids out of my womb. Explore Trending Events More More. Tags mature woman. Related groups — mature woman View all Mature sexi women Blond Women.

View all All Photos Tagged mature woman. Granny feels the cold. First grips of winter in the UK. Shoppers in Taunton, Somerset, UK. Untitled by Jeffrey Deal.

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I am not ageing I am ripening to perfection! Like Follow Subscribe twitter facebook YouTube.

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Lagyo maps. Sometimes it feels like I'm touching everything by Lisa Darlin'. Just me. We can overcome. Enjoy your weekend. Portrait of me and my baby cat! What makes a 10 totally feminine dress? I will go over the points that make it a 10 on the la femme scale. Me in black clingy short skirt with stones.

Mature sexi women

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mature sexy women