New boyfriend christmas present

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Starting a romantic relationship close to the winter holidays is both exciting and daunting. Inevitably, you're going to spend hours overthinking what gift to pick out for your new boyfriend that doesn't come across as too serious, but also doesn't seem too casual. Thankfully, there are tons of suitable, great gifts from all different price ranges that you can give your beau to make him feel like the luckiest guy in the world.

If your boyfriend is constantly forgetting where he left his keys, bluetooth headphones, or wallet, then it's high time that someone gave him a Tile. This small bluetooth tracking device works with both an app and with smart home devices like the Amazon Alexa.

It can clue your boyfriend in to the fact that he left his phone in the pantry when he went to grab an afternoon snack. Perfect for the outdoorsman, ENO hammocks are one of the premier brands of recreational hammocks currently on the market. Thousands of university students and seasoned backpackers alike have invested in the most peaceful hanging lounge experience available. Buy your beau a Doublenest this holiday season for late night outdoor cuddling or to take camping, rock climbing, and sightseeing throughout the year.

Massage guns aren't only for athletes anymore; in fact, they're one of the most desired health and exercise gadgets in popular culture right now. To ease all of your boyfriend's aches and pains, turn to VYBE's percussion gun, which New boyfriend christmas present nine different speeds and eight attachments to hit every spot just right. Vinyl has been making a comeback for years, and there's no better way to give your boyfriend the gift of vintage sound than with a record player from one of the world's best music equipment manufacturers - Victrola. Give you and your boyfriend the night off to sway to the sweet sounds of mid-century crooners with this vintage-inspired present.

It comes in three different colors and has a compact vertical de to take up as little space as possible on your cramped countertops. Just pop in 16 ounces of raw corn kernels, and get ready for the whole movie theater experience in the comfort of your own home. Up the ante on you and your leading man's next movie night with this picture perfect snack maker. If your boyfriend has a sense of humor, these delightful cartoon socks are a great first-time gift to celebrate your new relationship. Seemingly an average pair of ankle socks from the front, these socks from Ozzptuu have a hidden face that peeks out from behind the ankle.

Reminiscent of the childhood nightmare, McDonald's Grimace, these faces come in an array of emotions and styles. Brighten up your boyfriend's wardrobe with these inexpensive accessories. Instead of showing up to your boyfriend's place with the usual six-pack of beer, bring along this gift pack of bitters from Strongwater. Let him discover the expansive world of craft cocktails using these interesting bitter samplers: cherry, orange, aromatic, lavender, and walnut.

Have a New boyfriend christmas present that can't function without a hot cup of coffee?

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He'll never have to microwave his coffee mug from the morning brew that's long since gone cold once he gets the mug warmer of his dreams. A good night's rest can make a world of a difference, and if you find your boyfriend tossing and turning all night long, you should think about getting him a weighted blanket.

A weighted blanket's pressure helps to calm down your body's natural processes and put you in state New boyfriend christmas present to snooze. You can get Waowoo's weighted blanket in weights ranging from 15 pounds up to 25 pounds, and the soft gray color can match just about any decor. Give you and your boyfriend the gift of a restful night with this weighted blanket. While cold hands can lead to a warm heart, the OCOOPA rechargeable hand warmer will keep your boyfriend's hands nice and toasty. So, this hand warmer can not only power up your tech, but also warm up your hands so that thumbprint technology can actually register your fingers when you're out in the cold.

Although smart TVs are the most common type of TVs sold today, there are still a ton of people who haven't upgraded. With the Firestick, he won't have to wrestle with casting his favorite comedy from his phone or digging through boxes to find an HDMI cable to plug up his laptop.

Connect to Amazon's Alexa interface as well as dozens of different streaming services on the Firestick to watch millions of movies and television shows.

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Your boyfriend won't ever want to go back to fiddling with the TV Guide again. This smart adapter turns your regular outlet into an app-controlled one by connecting through your home's WiFi. If you're frequently traveling or don't want to burn your house down by leaving all of your Christmas lights on all night long, you can turn your devices on and off with a few easy steps. The past few years have been incredibly stressful for everyone, and a thoughtful gift to help ease your boyfriend's worries is the Ezra Scarlet ceramic backflow cone and incense burner.

While incense sticks and backflow incense cones both burn the same type of fragrance, backflow cones have an added feature that le the smoke through the twisting maze of the burner's de. Your boyfriend will fall into a hypnotic trance, watching the smoke slowly make its way through the mountainous landscape of this meditative aid.

Coming from the quintessential bubble gum brand, Dubble Bubble, this small gumball machine doesn't have to turn into his new piggy bank, since you don't New boyfriend christmas present need money to dispense the treats. This colorful addition comes with its own bag of complimentary gumballs, and can bring a sense of practical whimsy to his office or bedroom.

These Hunnybee reusable food wraps made out of a beeswax compound are perfect for a boyfriend who shies away from the materialism of the winter holidays. This seven-pack of storage wrappers can be used to store individual pieces of food, and can be used in place of container lids. Whoever said practical couldn't be romantic? If your boyfriend has a green thumb and a ravenous appetite, then this kit that helps you grow nine separate herbs on your windowsill is a great holiday gift idea for him.

Everyone could do with a high-quality waterproof speaker as they're a hit at summertime pool parties, and this portable clip-on one from JBL is a highly recommended choice to get for your winter companion. Match his backpack to his speaker with the twelve different color finishes the speaker comes in, and with ten hours of playtime, this compact speaker can't be beat. They span the rainbow in terms of their color schemes New boyfriend christmas present can be used for both recreation and business. If you've got a boyfriend who's true crime obsessed, then a fun gift to get him is the experience of solving his own murder mysteries using the Hunt a Killer subscription service.

This holiday season, pick up your boyfriend a Hunt a Killer box, or a full subscription, and help him solve the case.

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For all the dedicated partners who listen to their boyfriends regale them with their rounds of golf but still know nothing about the game itself, you can turn to Callaway for a quick and useful holiday gift. This gift will help you keep up the facade as the doting partner while you let those golf terms float in one ear and out the other. If you're feeling sentimental and your budget is stretched thin this holiday season, check out this bottle full of fake capsules with blank notes inside of them that you can tailor to your own relationship.

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Write little pick-me-ups, funny jokes, and sweet reminders on the sheets, and place the capsules in the jar for your boyfriend to find. It's the type of gift he's sure to keep for years afterwards.

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The air fryer is the hottest kitchen gadget of the decade. It'll make the perfect amount of french fries, chicken wings, and mozzarella sticks for two. Turn your boyfriend into your at-home bartender with this full piece mixology kit. This mid-century inspired metal set comes with a wooden storage base and tools like a mixing glass, muddler, and two bottle spouts. You'll never have to slowly sip on a Solo-cup swirled highball ever again, once you gift him this classy mixology toolkit. Earbuds are the listening gear of the millennium, and you can keep your boyfriend from stealing your headphones by getting him his own pair of Beats.

Granted, you might want to make sure that this boyfriend isn't one to 'take the money and run,' so to-speak before you hand over a pricey gift this winter. However, if he seems New boyfriend christmas present he's going to last, get him something just as long-lasting. Give your boyfriend a reason to throw out his scratched athletic sunglasses by getting him this super stylish pair of Lacoste aviators. An adorable gift to get the bookworm boyfriend in your life, this Fred Sprout Little Green bookmark comes in the shape of a bright green pea sprout.

When placed inside a book, the bookmark looks like it's sprouting happily out of the book. Tea drinkers stand firmly behind their beloved loose-leaf concoction, and you can support your boyfriend's love of steeping by getting him this tea sampler from Taylors of Harrogate.

It comes with organic teas, calming teas, and classics like Earl Grey for him to fully experiment with his daily tea-time routine. An absolutely amazing gift for the boozy boyfriend, this liquor and beer dispenser comes in the shape of an old-school gas pump. Fill the bottle up with a fifth's worth of liquid and let loose. Even those who don't drink alcohol can find another favorite drink to toss into the dispenser too. If your boyfriend basically lives outdoors, then you should do his spine a favor and get him this Wekapo inflatable lounger. Get him off the hard ground and into this giant land-canoe that'll cradle New boyfriend christmas present so he can watch the sunrise and listen to the birds chirping every morning.

This super stylish leather messenger bag from Buffalo Hunter is absolutely worth the expensive price. It's both rugged and professional, and can be used for all sorts of different needs. Your boyfriend will turn he at the office when he turns up with this retro bag on his arm. For the devoted partner to the dutiful plant parent, this adorable glass plant mister is deed in the shape of an oil can with a modern twist. Help your boyfriend spruce up all of his indoor plants with a spritz from this mister.

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If your boyfriend can't commit to wearing an athletic watch throughout the night, but keeps complaining about how he can't stay asleep, then you might want to get him New boyfriend christmas present sleep tracking pad like this one from Withings. You just slip the pad under his side of the mattress and it'll record all sorts of neat statistics, like how often he moved, how long he slept, and so on.

The ultimate gift for boyfriends with a sense of humor is this tortilla-printed blanket. Wrap your boyfriend up like a burrito and let him bake until he's nice and hot. Some people feel like coffee is the elixir of the Gods and can't function without their morning cup. If your boyfriend worships at the altar of the coffee bean, then you should help him broaden his palate with this Bones Coffee Sampler filled with five of their flavor blends. Your boyfriend can use this super practical three-tiered metal rolling cart for all sorts of unique things; storing books, holding house plants, propping up vinyls, and so on.

Help keep his space organized while you're not around with this thoughtful gift. If you're tired of seeing boring bandages all over your accident prone boyfriend's body, then get him a pack of these bacon bandages for the holidays.

New boyfriend christmas present

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