New yorker looking to meet people

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Moving somewhere new often comes with its challenges. I know there are some days when I just want to be able to hang out with my friends back in the UK, the people who have known me for years.

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Instead I find myself in a new city without my social network, and having to start from scratch building relationships. This can feel very daunting, but it can be easier than you think. It really is true that if you seek out the things that you enjoy doing, relationships can form organically. Personally, it has been around physical activity. I started running when I first moved to New York, alone. I saw groups of runners in Central Park and I thought that it looked like much more fun with other people. So, I ed a running club.

Really, there is no better and easier way to make friends than to have a common interest. It does not necessarily have to be sport or physical activity; you could up to an art class, a book club, or do a bread-making course. The possibilities are endless. A really easy way to find groups that you can is to have a look at Meetupan online community for people to share interests. Anything that you can think of probably has a group already, but if it does not, you can create your own. It is free toand most groups are also free to attend some have a small attendance fee.

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Meetup can be social or business networking, so you can shape your experience as you like, or even do a bit of both and mix it up. Internations is a global community, with chapters around the world and events happening all the time. There is a paid-for membership option available, which provides you with discounts to selected events, but they also have a basic free membership. After setting up a profile providing a list of interests, you will be notified when events linked to those interests are happening.

There are also free social mixers for newcomers, which offer a great opportunity to meet the main organizers within Internations and start interacting with the community. You can also connect with people online and send private messages, which can be a great way to keep in touch after an event.

It is easy to search for members based on where they are from, if you specifically want to bond with fellow compatriots. Did you know that the NYPL offers a vast program of events, which can be a great — and fun — way to meet people? For instance, if you look under their Classes and Workshopsyou can find everything from Photoshop courses to Adult Coloring sessions for relaxation, and conversational English groups.

The biggest benefit is that they are all free of charge! Be aware though that some classes do limit the of attendees on a first-come-first-served basis. Friendships can often blossom where you least expect them. Being in a new city can be the perfect opportunity to take chances and be open to meeting new people. Here is one of my experiences: We had just moved into our new apartment. Whilst in the elevator a lady struck up a conversation with us, and she turned out to live on our floor. Fast forward a year and we now regularly go out for dinner with them, go to events, and have drinks evenings.

The kindness of strangers can take you by surprise and lead to New yorker looking to meet people things. But you need to be open to the possibility.

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New yorker looking to meet people

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5 ways to meet new people when you move to New York