Onsrud pin router

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InOscar Onsrud invented the first air powered, high speed spindle. This single, innovative accomplishment transformed the woodworking industry by the speed and efficiency in which we are able to manufacture goods. An inverted router is a machine that performs tasks in woodworking that CNC machines also perform. They are great machines for templating and dadoing.

The machine itself has a spindle that is mounted under a horizontal table. It is powered by a large motor that is usually connected to the spindle by a drive belt. Typically, inverted routers have a horizontal arm that supports a vertically adjusting guide pin. The cutter on the inverted router is mounted underneath the material and cuts from the bottom, making this machine much safer to operate than a normal pin router.

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The guide pin is often the diameter of common router bits which are easily interchangeable. A woodworker can perform any task on the inverted router as he could on a CNC machine. The only difference is that it must be done manually on the inverted router. We have used this machine for making dadoes, shaping edge, and cutting grooves.

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With the new CNC routers readily available to woodworkers today, inverted routers are not quite as relevant in woodworking as they used to be. However, it can still be a very useful machine in template work.

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For a craftsman that knows how to make templates, this machine is very fast and very accurate. Thus, it still has a place in our shop today.

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Interested in learning more about the machines that we use each day? What is an Inverted Router?

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C.r. Onsrud Inverted Pin Router