Seeking a girly girl gf

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Dating a macho girl can be lo of fun! Macho women across the world are rejoicing, as they should! They are great but they do come with their own set of issues as well.

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So, although it may seem cool to throw some sweat pants on and go to a fast food t with your ificant other that can only last but so long. Girly girls are the way to go. Yeah those girls are the ones men want. Here are 15 reasons why men prefer those girly girls over macho ones. Via: huffingtonpost. Things like this is actually important to guys, it gives us slightly a large head.

It can be something as simple as a jar of mustard or a gallon of apple juice. Via: imagefully. Delicacy is a precious thing for a man. An innocent, delicate woman who he believes he must protect at all times. A macho woman is the opposite of this.

Why is this such a bad thing? Well a man by nature is macho, strong and the leader of his household. It becomes even more strange when she just wants to crack open a beer and watch the game. Most guys would love that from a woman but just not every single day.

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Hey baby! I missed you! When you get home can we cuddle up and watch a movie? These are some of the things a girly girl would say and believe it or not men love hearing it. Not a good look ladies. Not a good look at all. Via best-job-interview. Guys love that believe it or not. Macho girls on the other hand can take things a tad too far. Well they can do something like wear some of your sneakers outside, throw on some of your jeans and hats and even don an entire outfit that belongs to you.

An undershirt and a jacket is easy to prepare for and no big deal but an entire wardrobe? Via: goodbadandfab. Nobody wants to dress up all the time. High heels, a fitted dress and a nice hair style is what we want. We simply want to show off our girlfriends to everyone else. Via: youtube.

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When used properly and the keyword is properly it can bring out even more beauty in a woman. It can hide a few blemishes, cover up a few bumps on the skin or bring out her beautiful eyes even more. Ironically many guys are possibly looking at this one and rejoicing and I can understand why. Only a girly girl will do that. Via huffpost. This one is a must. As a man who loves to see his woman consistently with both a manicure and pedicure this one hits home for me. This is one of the downfalls of a macho girl.

Via: haircut. Her butt? How big her breasts are? Right again! A nice set of legs? Another correct answer! So let me modify my question. Seeking a girly girl gf is ONE of the first things we look at when we see a woman? Her hair! Especially if we have something really special planned. Via hiveminer. If you want each other that badly at the moment just go get a room and have yourself a good time. Guys enjoy those small nuances of a relationship. Via pinterest. This is by far the worst one on the list. It is through his stomach and that means food! Eating out is great but do you know what comes with eating out all the time?

Let me tell you. Get yourself a girly girl who will! Via haikudeck. You know one of those guys that say when they come home from work they need the house cleaned and the food waiting on the table. That type of behaviour seems more likely to come from the macho girl instead of the girly girl. Via fotosearch. All men appreciate a woman that throws on some sexy lingerie. There is almost no better feeling than seeing your girlfriend in a pair of heels, some very revealing lingerie and maybe a whip in one hand only for those of you that are into that kind of thing of course.

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Via: memegenerator. Contrary to belief men want attention, attention and more attention! It has to be at the right times however. Most women want to give Seeking a girly girl gf man that attention and make sure everything is ok with him. Good luck finding that with a macho chick. It can lead a man to find a woman who actually does act like she cares.

Via: forbes. Leader of the household, protector, provider and brings home the bacon. These are some of the words that are usually associated with being a real man. Women often times take a back seat to a man on purpose to stroke his ego. Fellas do you really think she needs you to carry all of the heavy bags from the grocery store? Or open up every jar in the house? She can, she just wants to make you feel like your her superhero. The man of the house ready to solve all problems.

Men love it, it makes us feel truly important. A girly girl knows how to take a back seat and allow a man to be a man. A macho girl? Not so much. Via shape. Certain women know how to make just about any and everything look good. From wearing one of your oversized shirts and a head tie to wearing a bathrobe, certain women just know how to make it look sexy without even trying.

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Seeking a girly girl gf

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