Smoking weed before class

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The myths surrounding smoking weed lead to both arguments for and against smoking while studying.

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We've broken down the myths and found out the pros and cons of smoking dope while you study. Want more Junkee in your life? up to our newsletterand follow us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook so you always know where to find us. Marijuana is arguably one of the safer drugs that students might consume during this time, however it may not always walk hand in hand with effective study habits. Here are some times where as a student, it may actually be beneficial to get blazed, and some others when you should just be stone-cold sober.

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In any kind of context where you have to brainstorm ideas, be it for a group project or an individual asment, smoking weed can often allow labyrinthine tangents of thought and obscure ideas to be brought to the forefront. This is where having a little bit of weed before a study session becomes immensely helpful, in my opinion anyway. After that, the revision can become a lot simpler. Additionally it can help after studying the night before an exam, when you just want to switch your brain off and fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

It can certainly help, but is definitely not necessary. Spending that same amount of money on a tutor would probably guarantee you better .

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Finally, you know what spending money on weed goes hand in hand with? Spending money on food. It can just become too much of a financial cost to have any long-term positive effects on study.

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Marijuana has a pretty potent negative effect on short-term memoryso using a lot of it will more than likely render any kind of revision useless. I think about using weed as a study aid in the same way someone else might consider having a nip of scotch before public speaking: a small amount is good to loosen up, but any more will make you a jabbering mess. Just stick to coffee when studying, and leave the weed for when you have a day off.

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Smoking weed before class

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Getting High Before Class Not a Great Idea, Study Finds