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This island nation is truly a land of serendipity, with its rich history, diverse cultures, and stunning natural beauty. For centuries, it has been a place for seafarers to rest, replenish, trade, and explore as they crisscrossed the Indian Ocean; and of course, for Sri Lankans themselves to leave a legacy that extends far beyond the confines of their island home. Sri Lanka is known for its cinnamon.

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The source of cinnamon was kept a tight secret by merchants to avoid competition, but some information did get out. The Persian sea captain Buzurg ibn Shahriyar was one of the first to identify Sri Lanka as a source of cinnamon in his 10th century. The Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand. Even more interesting is that the form of Tamil used suggested that the bell could be about years old.

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For centuries, they moved goods, people, and ideas — including the message of Islam — across the Indian Ocean. Originally from nearby India, Rauf arrived on the island after her marriage to a Sri Lankan businessman in She became aware that there was no culturally-sensitive secondary school for Muslim girls, so in she launched the Muslim Ladies College in Colombo. She managed to bring in students in the first year alone.

The rest, as they say, is history — many of the young women who studied at the Muslim Ladies College went on to hold prominent positions in Sri Lankan society. Inshe returned to her role as the principal of the Muslim Ladies College, until her retirement in Rauf passed away in Colombo in Januaryat the age of Tuan Burhanuddin Jayah T.

He was born in into a family of Sri Lankan Malay Muslims. Jayah excelled in his education from a young age. He became a teacher, completed a degree in Classics from the University of London, and aspired to become a lawyer.

However, he was offered the position of principal at Zahira College and took it. He was always there for his students; on April 5,when Japanese forces began to bomb Colombo during the Second World War Sri lankan muslim girls, Jayah still showed up to the wedding of one of his students, which had been planned for that day, to lift the spirits of the newlyweds. Jayah was also involved in politics and held a of positions. This paved the way for independence inupon which he became the first Muslim cabinet minister. Islamic Relief began working in Sri Lanka inin the wake of the devastating tsunami in the Indian Ocean that year.

SinceIslamic Relief has run a one-to-one orphan sponsorship program in Sri Lanka, providing vulnerable families with a regular allowance for their basic needs, and enabling children to go to school.

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Read about the success story of little Fathima from Sri Lanka who can now go to school because of your support. Islamic Relief believes that all people should be able to live safe, healthy and prosperous lives, and we continue to work with the people of Sri Lanka to make that a reality. If you found this blog post informative and insightful, we hope you share it with your circles! Muslims from around the world have brought such a rich heritage to the cultures and landscape of every land they travel to and settle.

He has a deep passion for Islamic history, and enjoys reading, writing, playing basketball, teaching history, and dismantling ignorance. Meet the People. By Hassam Munir October 2, 9 mins read. Ayesha Rauf. Muslim children going to school in Sri Lanka. Fathima with her new bike. Related Posts. November 29, 8 mins read. Why It Matters. October 28, 7 mins read.

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Sri lankan muslim girls

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