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A message has arrived from a man in south Wales.

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Do you believe in love at first sight? Last week, I had daily on-screen dating site conversations with a man called Alexander. We met first on Sunday. It was a connection built entirely through typing. Dates were supplied and first names, and vivid descriptions. It failed, he said, because the children were too much. That sentence has bothered me more and more. Adultery is often the beginning of a search for something more real and the sex is just a smokescreen. When I tried to bring the conversation to an end, Alexander became even more assertive.

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Dating sites are awash with men talking about the blue pill and the red pill. Among those who claim to have taken the red pill are men who have gone through a bad divorce and know all about women, how we think and why, how men behave and why: it has all become clear to them.

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He disagreed. I had my first serious case of dating site revulsion. I wrote that it had been nice talking to him and wished him luck. My first case of online dating revulsion. Why had I told my history to this arrogant stranger? And that was that.

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I think I lost him at corny. Stella Grey is a pseudonym GreyStellaGrey. Reuse this content.

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