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The funny thing is, I rarely come across articles that touch on what men find attractive in a woman. Sure, you get people who are nice to those who hold some sort of value to them, but how many people do you meet every day that would go and talk to the lone stranger crying in the subway? I want a person who can brighten up my day by brightening up the lives of everyone she comes in contact with.

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Studies from the University of British Columbia show that men are attracted to smiling women. A natural smile conveys messages like optimism and stability, which are definitely qualities desired in a mate. One of the most important things in any relationship, romantic or otherwise, is the ability to have a great time and have a good laugh. Taking care of your emotional hygiene and good mood should be your priority. Only then you can take life positive, light, and with a fair dose of humor.

While I never hold any ificant other to a comic standard of say, Ellen Degeneres, I do love a woman who can live life one day at a time, take a joke, and crack a few of her own. You cannot get bored together, because there is always a topic to talk about with a girl who is passionate about something. A friend once told me an old Chinese saying of a man that has a wife who gets along with his friends will have a long and pleasant life. Just kidding. Your sexuality is a big part of your human nature.

The sooner you embrace this side, the better and more attractive partner you become. Something that I absolutely love in a woman is a unique sense of style. A Certified Psychosocial Rehabilitation Practitioner with an extensive background working with clients on community-based rehabilitation.

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Read full profile. Unfortunately, we often forget about one very important person who is also worthy of forgiveness : ourselves. Forgiveness is difficult in its own right.

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However, when we have to face the reality of forgiving ourselves, it can quickly become a seemingly impossible feat. With that being said, learning how to forgive yourself and move forward from trauma, regret, or remorse can help contribute to a healthier, happier life. Here are some helpful reminders and thoughts to use on your journey towards inner peace and happiness. Moving on from a debilitating life event such as a car accident or escaping a toxic relationship is not only physically draining but mentally draining as well. As Duquesne Nursing points out, many patients who are seeking mental health treatment end up facing a variety of obstacles when trying to receive proper treatment.

Moreover, many people find healing through numerous methods such as reading, talking, or writing. Ultimately, your path towards a happier life can be paved with whatever works best for you. If you do happen to find yourself in a position that prevents you from visiting a mental health professional, consider these options in the meantime:. While group therapy is not as anonymous as a private session, checking your local community center for support groups can at the very least provide you with a connection to others dealing with similar difficulties as you. You also might find that you flourish in a group setting.

Developing useful strategies to rec mind, body, and spirit can help you get through some of those tough moments. Forgiveness and the subsequent journey towards happiness is definitely an emotional roller coaster.

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While it can make you feel hopeless at times, know that there are always alternatives that can help you, no matter what curve balls get thrown your way. Work can be one of the more triggering factors in your life. A lot of regret or trauma often stems from a toxic work environment, perhaps a failed project, or the general feeling of making the wrong decision at the last second. Furthermore, regret and remorse can happen within any career at any level.

For those in offices, it could be dealing with the fallout gossip, isolation, bullying after filing a sexual harassment case. The list goes on. Furthermore, holding yourself back from that something else could be the thing standing in your way of a happier life, inside and outside of work. Anytime you hit a bump in the road or begin to doubt your abilities, remember the positive effects of the work you are doing.

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In life, we only get so many chances to follow our happiness and our dreams. But ultimately, our lives can only get better if we forgive our mistakes and learn from them. Growth comes in all forms, and that includes forgiveness. Besides, it is never too late to start over. When we lose a loved one — a parent, an ex-partner, even a pet — it can be tempting to put some blame on yourself. Part of the grieving process should include mourning the loss and moving forward, with them forever in your heart.

However, when we fall into the trap of blame and regret, we end up robbing ourselves of the chance to appreciate our time, memories, and experiences we had with our loved ones who have passed. This makes the loss of them even harder to bear. Moreover, forgiving yourself in the face of death is without a doubt tough. Your dog or cat loved you dearly, and although their untimely death is unfortunate and heartbreaking, the best way to honor your pet is to own your mistake, learn from it, and forgive yourself.

Sometimes, we simply cannot stop people from making their own choices, no matter how bad the consequences are. You deserve to be Things i like in a girl and although it may take a while, you deserve to be happy as well. Practicing important grief strategies is one way you can begin coping with death and begin the forgiveness process. Research shows that most people can recover from a loss on their own through the passage of time if they have social support and healthy habits. While the grieving process might be messy, complicated, and certainly frustrating at times, if you can learn how to forgive yourself, you will only grow stronger.

Remember good can come from even the darkest of times. When we force ourselves to hold onto the past — past mistakes, regrets, pain — we end up missing out on a lot of the positive things life has to offer. Instead, amid grief or remorse, as difficult as it might be, working towards inner peace will ultimately serve you much better.

Achieving inner peace, especially in the face of difficulties and trauma, takes a lot of work and practice. However, the rewards are certainly worth the effort as you begin to grow as an individual, learn forgiveness towards others and yourself, and begin viewing life through a more positive lens. It simply molds you. Once you understand and can come to terms with that, the possibilities of happiness will open up and you can begin moving forward in life. Featured photo credit: Havilah Galaxy via unsplash.

Share Pin it Tweet Share. More by this author Patrick Banks. Read Next. So how to forgive yourself?

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Brian Lima. American Psychological Association: Grief: Coping with the loss of your loved one.

Things i like in a girl

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