Train from bangkok to chiang mai price

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By train it takes between 11 and 14 hours to travel between Bangkok and Chiang Mai depending upon which train service you use. Travel by train is slower than air travel but it is also more enjoyable. The scenery on the train journey is very good. You also have the option of travelling overnight in an inexpensive sleeper berth and saving on the cost of a hotel room for the night. There are currently 4 direct trains per day from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. By purchasing your ticket online you guarantee your seat.

You may be disappointed if you attempt to buy your ticket on the day of travel or even the day before if you plan to travel during busy periods. Train tickets purchased on online for the Bangkok to Chiang Mai route cost THB more per ticket than purchasing the ticket at the train station. However, this is a popular route and sleeper seats in particular tend to sell out several days before the day of travel so booking in advance is a good idea.

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The first stage of the train journey goes through the outskirts of Bangkok with views of the city few tourists would otherwise see. From Bangkok the train then travels across the flat central plain of Thailand through a seemingly endless stretch of rice paddy fields interrupted only by towns and cities along the way.

At Lopburi be sure to looking out the left hand side of the train carriage for the famous monkey temple, where Macaque monkeys roam freely through the ruins of an ancient temple. From the central plains the train track rises into the mountains and train moves slowly as it negotiates the winding tracks. From the mountains the train then continues past a large area with several lakes before arriving at Chiang Mai. Sit back, enjoy the food and arrive relaxed in Chiang Mai city.

Bicycles can be transported on the following trains if there is space in the freight car:. Bicycles cannot be carried on the following trains because they have no freight car:. For information about transporting bicycles on the train to Chiang Mai see our Guide to Carrying bicycles on Thailand Trains. If you are staying by the river or in the Khao San area, however, you may not be near an MRT station in which case either take a taxi or tuk-tuk or the Chao Phraya Express Boat Service to the Marine Department Pier and its 10 minutes walk from there.

Chiang Mai Railway Station is about 2. Unless you have booked one our recommended hotels near the train station is probably going to be too far to walk to your hotel when you arrive. Instead, take one of the tuk-tuks which wait in the station car park to your hotel, it will cost about THB. For a cheaper option go to the main road and flag down a shared taxi, the cost of a trip to the old town should be around 40 THB per person. Average rating 4. Vote count: No votes so far!

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Train from bangkok to chiang mai price

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