Type of girlfriend i want

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Scroll To Start Quiz. Go out and rage. Go to a nice restaurant. Stay home and watch the tube. Work on a project. Pretty much nothing. I go to the gym. I do thing in nature. I jog. She is wild. She is hot.

She is cool. She is nice. Getting wasted. Playing sports. Not much. Being a good student. I suppose they can. Not at all. I don't really know what that expression means. No, that isn't possible. Kind of. Yes, it has happened a lot. Do you mean buy me drinks? No, I like taking care of other people. Sometimes I do. I do very much. Las Vegas. Miami Beach. You mean this week? No, that is pathetic. A long time ago. No, that is irresponsible. Well, I don't mind them. Yes, that is totally my scene. I couldn't care less.

That isn't the main thing I like. No, I don't like nerds. Girls are into gaming? I would love that. Who has time to game? No, but some of them have tried.

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Saved me from what? I don't need saving. Yes, I have heard that. A dive bar. A wine bar. A movie. A coffee shop. Growing old. A boring life. Being lonely. Not having control of my life. Neither of us. Mostly me. We would split it. Mostly her.

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Classic rock. I ghosted her. She dumped me. We grew apart. I dumped her.

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Lindsay Lohan. Paris Hilton.

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Kate Hudson. Jennifer Aniston. Just at night. Just on the weekends. All the time. Most of the time. I am awful at it. Not bad. Pretty good.

Type of girlfriend i want

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