What does dating alias mean

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Subscribe now. We became Twitter friends when I started following his blog, and when I relocated from Los Angeles a couple of months afterward, Jack invited me to my first Brooklyn-roof barbecue. I arrived at his place and Jack gave me a hug and put a drink in my hand. I sat in the sun sipping a cocktail, and Jack introduced me to the couple sitting opposite me, two of his oldest friends.

Jack is a pseudonym. I smiled on the outside but I felt stupid and vulnerable. But the more people I met, the more people I encountered who used aliases. I know a consultant who made an anagram of her name and acted out a different gender role, not on stage but in everyday life.

Fueled by curiosity, she performed social experiments with people she encountered on the street. Culture is evolving in a way that makes all of us public figures faster than we can adjust to the floodlights from databases programmed never to forget us. We are all in plain sight with nowhere to hide, and the new paradigm has tangled us up in questions about identity that lack simple answers. Striving to balance a need for expression with the erosion of our privacy, the solutions are as paradoxical as they are logical.

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To create a second or even a third self is now a way to maintain integrity—and bloggers lie in hopes of facilitating honest communication. But to me, it also seems like it could quickly become exhausting. For instance, I went to an art opening in SoHo a couple of months ago. I saw street-artist Elle, whom I recognized from Facebook.

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I introduced myself. She said hello to me and to the guy from ASVP. Through the window I saw my friend, the artist Gilf! I squeezed through the crowded space to ask if she could point out Robyn Hasty to me.

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I introduced Gilf! Each nodded and said hello politely. And a conversation began.

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After a few minutes I went outside, where Gaia was talking with a girl I know, Rhiannon. I introduced her to QRST and both wore the same blank expressions, until I reintroduced them mentioning his two aliases. I care about my privacy too, but I guess I care more about the privacy of my personal data than I care about creating a history-free version of myself. My passive-aggressive hope is that when all the data about me eventually aggregates into a giant clump of terabytes, no one will really know anything. In my ideal world, private information is private—shared voluntarily, when necessary, at mydiscretion.

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Like new lovers revealing old stories to each other: slowly, and with context. But this is not the world we live in, especially when it comes to dating. In our post-ironic, Google-saturated world, dating may be the best argument yet for creating an alias. Or gives away your age, your occupation, confides how often you changed majors, and shows him pictures of your bad-hair days.

All of them. With him. When he does, sometimes Google tattles on him with information it collects about visitors to my website. I have tons of stories. Maybe we could something. Even if a date is intrigued by what he learns secondhand, sifting through random debris scattered around the Internet is a poor substitute for quid-pro-quo personal disclosures that can be intimate, like a private striptease. Social media has exacerbated the tug-of-war between a need for privacy and a longing to express ourselves in a community.

But what is the end, to which separate selves are a new means? Or is the alias just another mask we construct that flattens a fully realized, fully flawed human into a one-dimensional platform? I talked with a friend who started attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings recently. He met a well-known street artist at one of the meetings, and I came up in their conversation.

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I was flattered, yet the one-way mirror of his gossipy remark was a little unsettling. Who was it? Or was that the real name? After all, I just remembered I used an alias, too. Only once.

What does dating alias mean

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