Where to meet interesting guys

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Although we're pretty lucky to have access to hundreds of singles on all of these dating apps out there, it's important to take a break from online dating from time to time. Whether that's volleyball, swimming, walking your dog, or going to a museum — be in the moment and live the life you love for yourself. That's the best formula to attract a partner without trying to do so.

Just start by putting yourself out there at these 20 places to meet men or women, and see where the journey takes you. On a weekday morning, waiting in line at a coffee shop can be the worst, since you have places to be and people to see. But on a chill weekend morning, getting your go-to cold brew can be a lovely opportunity to meet someone. What better way than to strike up a convo, and maybe exchange s if it goes well? The universe may give back to you while you give back to your community. While they may be super busy responding to s and Where to meet interesting guys work projects, they may also want to take a break and sip a smoothie with fellow hard worker.

You could talk about the tastiest items on the menu, what you do for work, or other places you like to work besides your home office. By the time you leave, you may have a new remote work buddy If things go well, you can propose a puppy playdate or another dog park meet-up. But if you do see a cutie at your station or sitting in the train car you hopped on, talk to them. Have you ever watched Set It Up on Netflix?

The interns also connect over foam fingers and home runs, proving that a sporting event can be a great place to meet someone. The key is to walk into the stadium planning to have a good time, whether you meet someone or not. They start using the machine, while you move onto an ab workout on a mat nearby. What are you waiting for? At that moment, introduce yourself. If you get to your gate and see someone cute, be sure to set up shop nearby.

If you studied abroad in college, you can chat with them about your experiences and learn all about their bucket list, too. Who knows?

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You can ask them where they picked it up, and chat about the different recipes you like to make. Art classes are pretty intimate, if you think about it. The person next to you is likely in the same boat and possibly even willing to talk about their work. Art classes are usually about an hour long, so you have plenty of time to dive into topics like sports, food, and the DIY corner of TikTok, too. You could be staying at a beach resort or a hotel in the city and run into someone in the lobby. There could be a cutie in your surfing lesson or snorkeling excursion.

Taking things to the next level may be similar to Bachelor in Paradisesince you may live on different coasts or go to different schools. While standing in front of a painting by Van Gogh, Monet, or Picasso, you may serendipitously start talking to a cutie sitting on the bench nearby. They may have thoughts on the piece and really stimulate you In a relationship, being intellectually stimulated by your partner can be really important. It can push you to grow and think differently about the world. Of course, the cutie on the bench may not be an academic, too.

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They may just have a sense of humor that you really appreciate, which is still a win. Going to a music festival and meeting someone is like sending a crush a playlist they really like: a dating game-changer. Just be careful, friends. Winter says to watch and observe before approaching your potential crush. As an adult, you can all kinds of adult sport leagues and participate in them after work. There are leagues for baseball, kickball, and even bowling, and after a while, you and your team can get pretty close.

If you get closer, ask for their or see if they want to grab a bite after your next match. Calling all photographers! This one's for you. Find a photography workshop, trip, or meet-up you can attend on social media. You can ask to be their model or vice versa, or you can ask them for shooting pointers. Start by following each other on Instagram and then work your way to texting The purpose of a climate change rally is to, of course, fight for the future of the planet. Together, you may be able to talk about the issue of climate change, the activists you look up to, and the other issues you care about.

Going forward, you could meet up to make more s, ask for petition atures, or plan the next rally.

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Feeling sporty? Head to the driving range to hit some balls and find yourself someone to fall in love with. Talk about a hole in one! As Winter says, finding someone can simply be about following your passions and doing what you love. This can include checking items off your bucket list, like learning how to sail. The key is to not push it. They may be able to invite you and another cutie to a picnic in the park or an afternoon of video games.

Now get out there and go meet some cute singles! Susan Winterrelationship expert and author of Allowing Magnificence. This article was originally published on Single Life. By Erica Gordon and Marisa Casciano. Updated: July 13, Originally Published: Oct. Search Close.

Where to meet interesting guys

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