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Does wearing less or going out more mean this woman is inherently less likely to be successful or make her undeserving of respect? Not again. Not another article by one of Read…. This reiterates the very idea a woman simultaneously being sexy and being intelligent, competent, business-savvy and respectable is still extremely hard for many people to wrap their he around.

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Mandatory paid maternity not a revolutionary idea, but necessary nevertheless Women in the United States, as of late, have gotten the relatively short end of the stick. Amid the Republican-led Read…. If we truly want women to be equal, to stop being viewed as objects or as only good enough to fill supporting roles, then, as a society, we must stop forcing women into narrowly defined that prevent us from respecting them simply on the grounds that they are human beings.

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Until our society can see women as the fully human, multidimensional, ever-changing beings we are, women will never truly be respected as equals, and issues like objectification, sexual assault, violence, unequal pay, lack of bodily autonomy and harassment will continue to hurt us every day.

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Census, Wisconsin needs new processes to prevent gerrymandering.

Wives wants sex Badger

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