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Lund was the first woman force commander for the UN, holding the post at its peacekeeping mission in Cyprus. That stint was followed by her heading the UN mission in the Mideast, based in Jerusalem. She retired in October and is back in Norway. The amount included round-trip shipping to both Cyprus and Israel. The Norwegian military said it was not aware of the payment from the UN when it reimbursed her for the same moves.

The money comes from a family company, L. Lund, which for more than years sold building materials. PassBlue was unable to contact Lund for a comment. He reed his post as president of a New York-based think tank, the International Peace Institute, in Octoberafter admitting to having taken a personal loan from Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted pedophile now deceased. As for Lund, she told DN that she followed general rules for seconding personnel โ€” that is, when another organization makes personnel available.

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Most people choose to take the sum themselves and do the relocation work themselves, package, write manifestos, insurances etc. When you deploy as a boss, there is a lot to bring, flagpoles, flags, pictures, profiling articles, military equipment etc. The investigations into Untso regarding Lund have been continuing sinceand several employees at the UN base in Jerusalem have been interviewed. The investigators have also talked to Lund about her use of UN vehicles and personnel and other matters. Instead, she traveled with two armored vehicles and armed security guards.

The area has for several years been affected by terrorist activity from IS, including an attack on the monastery in Lund declined to comment to DN on the matter. From toLund headed Untso โ€” the first woman to do so. Separately, several Untso civilian staff members were placed on administrative leave without pay during a UN investigation last year regarding a video that surfaced online showing people having sex in a UN-marked vehicle.

That investigation is continuing. As the first woman UN force commander, Lund was stationed at the mission in Cyprus, from toat a relatively low-key operation that involved supervising cease-fire lines and maintaining a buffer zone. That was set up after violence flared in between the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities on the island. A new mediation attempt by the UN is underway this week in Geneva. Lund had decades of military command and staff experience at national and international levels when she was ased to Cyprus.

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As brigadier general, she served as deputy commander of the Norwegian Army from to ; that year, she became the first woman army officer to be promoted to the rank of major general and was appointed chief of staff of the Norwegian Home Guard, where she was the first woman to as a youth. I reached out to the whole community. I created a network with female officers and noncommissioned officers from the UN and the ROC National Guard [Republic of Cyprus] and even brought the two first ladies [from the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot sides] together to inspire the peace process and to encourage women to take a role in unification.

Dulcie Leimbach is a co-founder of PassBlue. She began her reporting career in small-town papers in San Diego, Calif. She graduated from the University of Colorado and has an M. I find Women seeking sex Norway South Carolina article to be badly presented and one sided. This pays for hotels etc until they can find more permanent accommodation.

It is a lump sum and you can spend it or not as you choose. I think that before attacking one should have all the facts. What is clear is that women are much more likely to be attacked without basis than men. There is a great deal of resentment amongst the misogynistic male military that women are now being given such high levels and any dirt they can throw, true or not, is a feather in their caps. We should not add to this. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Kristin Lund, who, until her retirement inheaded the UN mission in the Mideast for two years, based in Jerusalem. Before that, she was the first woman UN force commander, in Cyprus. Now she is accused of billing simultaneously for moving and other expenses from Norway and the world body. Norway is an elected member of the UN Security Council through PassBlue Related Articles. Dulcie Leimbach. Related Posts. This Week's Most Popular. Max-Otto Baumann. Mikaela Conley. Catherine Morrison. Ellen Tolmie. Home ยป Middle East. PassBlue needs your support to stay strong:.

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UN-Scripted Podcast. UN Eats โ€” Resturant Reviews.

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Women seeking sex Norway South Carolina

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